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Dlouhá Lhota is situated about 13 km from Mladá Boleslav in the direction of Jičín and is one of five villages with the same name in the Czech Republic. She has roughly 311 inhabitants and about 120 houses spacing for the most part around the main communication (road) goes through the village. This communication is almost 2 km long and makes the village really long. The village is situated in the middle of fields and meadows and nearly woody hillocks (rather hills) indicates an attendance of the Czech paradise. In the village area is a few ponds connected with local gully and not far behind the village flows a smaller stream Klenice. The local fish association administer fishponds as well as the local Sokol association administer sportground. In Dlouhá Lhota operates also a breeder’s and free firemen‘s association. Every association in the village can use local pub with a quite big hall for theirs activity. The pub is famous for village balls and parties. In former times as a view point there was an old school building in the village, but today the most interesting building for all people is a new pension with a restaurant.

From history
A village Dlouhá Lhota or Mravinná Lhota too is situated 5 km west by south from Dolní Bousov. In the places named Skašov (cca 1 km to the east) was an old citadel, which was first documented in 1410. Interesting is, that in 1578 the Donin’s bought the citadel with the village and thanks to this trade was the village connected to Hrubý Rohozec manor. In the year 1610 the village returned into the ownership of Lords from Bubna and Litice and so was the village indefinitely connected to Březno manor. The citadel was later rebuilt on a grange. Nearby the village occurs an old memorable tree – pedunculate oak, which has cca 160 cm around the trunk.


Contact and Address (location)
Dlouhá Lhota is situated about 13 km east by north from statutory city Mladá Boleslav. A route to Dlouhá Lhota leads on the first class road Nr. 1/16 from Mladá Boleslav in the direction of Jičín through Plazy, Židněves and Sukorady. At the end of Sukorady you have to turn right on the secondary road and after 2 km you will be in Dlouhá Lhota.

Obecní Úřad Dlouhá Lhota
Dlouhá Lhota 29
294 05 Dlouhá Lhota
The Czech Republic

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