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Dlouhá Lhota is situated about 13 km east by north from statutory city Mladá Boleslav. A route to Dlouhá Lhota leads on the first class road Nr. 1/16 from Mladá Boleslav in the direction of Jičín through Plazy, Židněves and Sukorady. At the end of Sukorady you have to turn right on the secondary road and after 2 km you will be in Dlouhá Lhota.

Obecní Úřad Dlouhá Lhota

tel.: +420 326 397 428

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Dlouhá Lhota 29


294 05 Dlouhá Lhota

The Czech Republic

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IČ: 00508942

Monday 19.00 - 21.00

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